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Dog walking is a large part of many people’s modern way of life with more and more people owning dogs every year, however new and old owners can find it difficult when it comes to finding new locations to walk their dogs which are safe, suitable and personally tailored. Finding trustworthy and reliable advice regarding their dog’s health and wellbeing can be just as challenging.

W-A-L-K is a mobile application that aims to assists dog owners in locating new safe settings and environments to walk their dogs in a fun and less traditional manor, stepping away from the daily repetitive dog walking experience that is necessary but not always enjoyable. W-A-L-K aims to change specific elements such as location, personalisation, exploration, navigation and obedience training when it comes to the walking experience to create a new fun way to get their dogs daily exercise, improve training and explore new areas whilst making it a more enjoyable experience for both owner and dog.

W-A-L-K also offers a service that collects professional advice regarding a dog’s health and wellbeing by finding information posted by animal professionals such as veterinary workers or businesses to assist owners with their dog’s care needs. From general daily tips to seasonal advice regarding help when it comes to such events such as bonfire night or the festive time of year, all dog owners new or old can always use professional assistance where possible. The app also allows users to create a personal profile for their dog which holds valuable information such as medication reminders, notes regarding medical conditions and more fun elements such as birthday reminders and personal photos. This aims to create a more personal experience when engaging with the app to create a feeling that W-A-L-K is made for the user as an individual.


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