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Throughout my research process I went on many walks with various different dogs and their owners to try and get some insight into what their experience was mainly about and what area of the walk could I focus my project on. This research was valuable as it was clear to see that everyone walks their dog for mainly the same reason; to exercise their dog and allow them out of the house for some fun. So this is what led me onto the thought of fun, if the dog is having fun in the outdoors, maybe their owners could join them on this experience.

Many people do already enjoy walking their dogs and it keeps them happy and healthy but I wouldn't necessarily deem this as fun. I want to focus on the walking experience when people have time to relax and enjoy the experience with their dog, this would present the perfect opportunity to have fun with an app.

Now that I am working towards prototypes and some basic but working mockups on mobile devices I have selected three different users to test my app and give feedback. Feedback from users is very valuable as it will allow me to see what they may dislike, like or struggle with in the app. Allowing myself to take a step back from my work and having some fresh sets of eyes will make it easier to see issues or problems in my work. I made sure that my three different users shared as little in common as possible to allow myself to get as broad of a range as possible when user testing. This means that they all vary in size, age, breed, colour, living location and medical history.


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