• Euan McKay

Axure RP 9

For my final project I have decided to use Axure RP 9, this is a software package which is new to me but I believed that putting the time and effort in to become well acquainted with Axure's features will allow me to produce the best prototypes possible.

Prior to using Axure I had created most of my work on Sketch, I haven't moved away from sketch completely as It is a great platform to create graphics and illustrations which can be easily transferred over to Axure using plugins.

I decided to make the move over to Axure as it offers many features that are very beneficial to me: there are a large variety of transitions, animations and interactions available; dynamic panels which allow me to create complicated pages, global variables allow me to create pages with reactive user inputed text and Axure also offers a mobile app to test my work on a specific mobile device.

My first steps with Axure were to learn all the different components and how they would benefit me best, I did this by watching tutorials produced by Axure and also online tutorials on YouTube. I created some test pieces of work to try out my new skills which did not relate to my work but I also learnt many things as I went on, learning elements that I needed when they became relevant in my work. This was a slow process to begin with but now I am confident that using Axure has benefited me largely.


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