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Creating a Project Name

When coming up with a name for my project I wanted it to follow the theme of dogs and fun. I started by writing down everything that came into my mind that related to dogs and walking in some way. I wanted my project name to be fun, short, snappy, easy to remember and to relate significantly to its function.

After a long process of research, speaking to classmates and numerous amounts of possible names I finally came up with W-A-L-K. The name is very short and simple and it tells the user exactly what it’s purpose is. I used the hyphens in a playful way to create the sense of spelling the word rather than just saying it, as if not to alert a dogs attention to going on a walk and becoming uncontrollably excited.

My Logo Process

When coming up with my logo design I wanted it again to be very fun, relatable and simple. One of my biggest concerns was that my logo may be too breed orientated which may offend some users who may not own that breed.

I started by sketching various designs in a short space of time to really get my mind focused on the task, after I had sketched close to ten different design’s I then digitalised them to get a better understanding of what they would look like. After this stage I then gathered some opinions on my designs and finally came to a conclusion on the logo I was to use.

I selected the winking dog design as it is very a minimalistic design which allows the logo to be identified as a dog but not as a specific breed. The winking eye relates to the fun theme of the app name and the concept as a whole.


When looking into my colour scheme I started by looking at current apps that related to dogs. I quickly found that most colour schemes looked very clinical so I made sure I stayed away from this.

I settled with blue as my main colour as it is very familiar within social media apps as it is calming and soothing. The grey and white work well with the blue to ensure the information is not too loud on the screen.


A very large part of my design process was my iconography. I wanted my app to make large use of icons to represent specific elements

with good communication and a clear understanding. My process to create these icons was exactly the same as designing my logo, I started by sketching various ideas, I then digitalised them and then finally selected my preferred design.

I ensure that my icons were used only where they were relevant and that they would not confuse the user. Over time the icons will become second nature to the user which makes them so valuable within my design.


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