• Euan McKay

Changing approach

After looking into the the world of climbing and veterinary clinics I quickly found that I personally couldn't find an area that I was hugely interested in and that I wanted to continue forward with. I started to look back at my 3rd year project which focused on outdoor navigation as hiking and camping are a huge passion of mine. I feel it would be great to base my honours project around this as I feel so passionate about it.

I want to focus on navigation as there is more and more upcoming products and applications which assist people in the outdoors with their navigation to ensure that they are kept safe. I hope to create a device that is wearable by a hiker that can help with navigation in low or zero visibility as most navigational devices are only useful in good visibility.

I will move onto conducting more research of the setting ad of the technology thats on offer for me to use to find the best approach and refine the elements that I really want to focus on.

My 3rd Year Navigation App


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