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Dogs and things.

After starting to explore the area of four legged friends in the outdoors and their relationship with their owners I soon discovered that they also have a large relationship with the community around them. Often dogs are not welcome in many establishments for some obvious reasons and this was the starting point of my new area of thinking.

I started thinking about the experience with my dog once I finish walking on the hills, where would I eat or visit and then which locations would allow me to come with my dog as I am really against leaving him alone in the car for long periods of time as are most dog owners. It is always a challenge to find places that accept dogs but within the outdoor community more and more establishments are welcoming dogs inside as they are a frequent part of a walkers entourage.

Very frequently when I am out in the outdoors climbing Munro's I am away from home in unfamiliar locations and it can be very hard to find information about where I can take my four legged friend.

I have started to work towards producing an application to assist people with their dogs in multiple ways. I have been looking at locations that accept dogs, seasonal advice about their dogs from experts, ways that friends can interact with each other through their dogs, a dog walking tracker and many more features that could be a part of a Dog Hub app. The app is aimed to help owners in a variety of locations from within their home to new places where they have never been. The aim is to create a community around the use of the app as I have looked into apps such as FitBit which have a very particular community which can be very active with each other through the features on their watches.


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