• Euan McKay

Fun, Fun and more FUN!

For the majority of my walking feature within my app I want it to be all about fun and interaction between the owner, dog and the walk itself. I want to achieve this my almost approaching the walk like a video game, finding similar features between a fun walk and a game and then tailoring them to my app.

Game Features Walk Features

- Actions and Abilities - Dog Tricks

- Puzzles - Summary Questions (guessing distance)

- Storylines - Walk Experience

- Direction - Collect Bones or Follow Guide Bone

- Character - Dog Avatar/Persona

- Rules - Walk Features (time, area, surface)

- Rewards - Praise/Training

- Summary - Walk Summary (FUN)

I want to take the features above and integrate some if not all into the walking experience, they will be very much in the background working away but I believe these features will be key to fun experience. I don't want the whole experience to feel like a video game or another mobile game which is why I have to get the balance between fun interaction and the core walking experience perfect.


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