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Getting a foot in.

After focusing on outdoor navigation for my honours project I have looked into the technology involved in the making of a device that could be used for navigation in the outdoors.

I first looked into Dual GPS which is extremely new in the world of navigation and could be very useful in my project. I have also been looking at current products that do and do not use technology in the outdoors to see if I could refine my thinking even further to nearly pinpointing a specific product that I want to create. I started by looking at current products and applications that use technology quite heavily and quickly found that in the outdoors technology is not very well received as many people say it can be very quick to fail on you and break and become useless very easily. This was a key insight for me and will in turn become a very large influence on my project.

I came across an already well used and established piece of navigational kit used by hill walkers and I quickly looked into how it could influence my project. I looked into how people use pace counting beads to determine how far they have walked in low visibility when they cannot use the surrounding landmarks to assist with their navigation. These beads work by the walker knowing how many paces they take in a kilometre and then moving a bead down a piece of string every time they complete a kilometre so they can keep track of their distance traveled. The pace counting beads usually consist of 13 beads which can be moved to represent the distance travelled.

My idea is to modernise this piece of equipment to be used by walkers in many situations and to also have a few other features build in to this device that would be worn on a walkers shoulder strap so that it is easily viewed and accessed. The product may or may not link to a master device to initially program any settings that can then be later used without any internet connection.


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