• Euan McKay

Gurus Day.

Last week I presented the start of my honours projects to a large group of industry gurus through out the day. I was showing off and explaining my thinking and progress so far with my work towards an app for dog owners and their dogs in the outdoor world.

The three boards I presented showed off my initial thinking, research and my concept so far. Talking with the gurus gave me great insights into what direction I should start to go in next and maybe areas and ideas to avoid to save myself some time. I also got some great opinions of what software I could use for my final design which was very useful as this has always been on my mind.

After the full day of interacting my next steps are to do some more research and start some basic mockups to show individuals who may make use of the app to allow the to determine what they may or may not like within an app. I will also look at apps that are similar to what I hope to design and slowly pick apart different features to determine what I would like to include. This will give me a great idea of the sort of design I would like to have and this will also give me a great idea of what thing to avoid and why.

The aim is for my app to feature both location services and useful information for dog owners. For the location service I will look to use map box as a source to ensure that my mapping is high functioning and responsive to each individual user.


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