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Major and Minor Decisions

Throughout my design process there have been many decisions ranging from minor to major. Anything from layout, features, colours and any changes due to Covid-19 have had an impact on my work. The easiest ones to see are related to the layout, as over the months I have gone from wireframes to a nearly finished concept.

The biggest decisions relating to layout were frequently related to the specific size of on screen elements and their hierarchy. In the early stages of my prototypes it became apparent that many of my on screen containers and their text were abnormally large, I think the reason behind this was because I was testing my prototype on a computer screen and I did not have any input from potential users. Once I overcame this I quickly changed these elements to suit the screen better.

For a large amount of time I was struggling to see what was making my design so flat and unappealing, after looking at other apps that may and may not have related to my concept in any way it became clear that I had not been using design features to create a hierarchy of the elements on screen. After editing my work with drop shadows and other similar features I overcame this problem.

In the early stages of development I knew I wanted to go with a bright but also subtle colour, this led me to look at other apps for inspiration and also research into specific colours. This is what led me to use the light blue and white that is featured throughout my whole design. The blue is calming and relaxing which allows a positive user experience.

It had crossed my mind to use colours relating to my concept such as the outdoors or colours of dogs but I found these to either be too dull or to specific to a dog breed which I wanted to stay away from. This is why it is also hard to determine the breed of dog used for my logo.

A decision that I am currently struggling with is my typeface. I am trying to find two fonts that compliment each other well but they also have to be balanced between a serif and a sans serif font. This is a very large part of my design so I feel taking my time with the decision is necessary.

Originally I wanted to incorporate augmented reality into my app through the walking feature by adding a graphic layout on top of an on screen display of the phones camera. I then decided that this may not be desirable as many users may not want to hold their phone out in front of them whilst on a walk. This has led me to start looking at hidden prompts from the phone using features such as vibration or sound to give off the same intended experience.


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