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Mark 1 Prototype

For my Mark 1 presentation I produced multiple mockups of my screens and icons. At this stage I wanted to ensure that I had rough designs that would act as simple visuals to give a quick and easy understanding of my thinking so far and what could come in the future.

The wireframes I had produced also gave me an insight into what I didn't want my app to look like, at this point it was still very traditional and boring which is not what I want my end project to be. The main concept behind my project is fun and interactive, I wanted to step away from traditional maps and guidance along with profile forms and informative display.

At this point in my design process I had started to establish some colours that would feature largely within my designs, I wanted to go with bright colours to add to the sense of fun. I used a light blue which is very comforting to look at and also doesn't give off neither a corporate or clinical theme. I had also established the icons I would use as my screen headers and display graphics, I reached this conclusion by coming up with multiple concepts for graphics and then deciding what worked best with one another and which ones gave a clear representation of what information would lie behind them.

I had also come up with a logo and application name which features frequently through out the screen transitions but this later changed through out my process. I decided to go with W-A-L-K as the application name as it is a representation of when owners may spell out the word walk to ensure their dogs don't get too excited. I wanted to use this as it sets the tone of fun and humour right from the start and it is something many dog walkers are familiar with when owning very excitable dogs that love going on walks. The logo then represents a winking dog to harmonise the name to show that it is a joke or fun remark, I also then carried my logo through my app rather than the name as it is a simple and subtile indication of the brand that doesn't take up valuable screen space.

The images above were my first structured mockups of my screens and icons. The screens were very simple and uniformed which displayed information very effectively but this wasn't my goal and I wasn't happy with the way they looked. I wanted the whole app experience to be fun, including creating and viewing the profile. This led me to change nearly every element except the colours going into my later mockups.


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