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Mark 2 and beyond

Moving on from my Mark 1 mockups I focused on many elements that I wanted to change before moving onto entirely new concepts. My main focus was on ensuring that my profile and editing pages very fun, in-depth and rewarding for the users. To create this experience I focused on input and the visualisation of information. I didn't want to use stereotypical methods for inputting information like text, dates and other various pieces of information. I looked at a more interactive process through the use of graphics, animations, transitions and the layout of on screen information.

My first focus was on the way an owner would select the breed and colour of their dog. I decided to use mainly graphics for this selection as I felt it would be more personal if the owner could recognise their dog breed and select their specific colour relating to that breed.

I liked this method of selecting a dog breed but it became apparent that not every user may need to see every single breed of dog and it may be easier if the selection was refined in some way. I did this by first getting the user to select their size of dog which then led them to a screen with less graphics, creating the change for an easier selection. after selecting their size they would be moved onto the next screen which would allow the user to pick the specific breed and colour shown below.

I then added in different inputs for all the profile headings.

For the age, wormer and booster inputs I added a calendar function which allowed the users to select specific dates that were required. After this input the user was then show various outputs such as a birthday countdown and a reminder of when to get wormer and booster injections.

For the medical condition input section I added in a check box list of the most common health issues found in dogs. I also added in a comment box which allowed owners to keep note of useful information or to add medical conditions that were not listed.

For the contact information input I kept it simple as a text field input and this was very important information. I still wanted to keep an element fun so I achieved this by making the output summary in the style of a dog collar tag.

And finally for the selection of a Veterinarian practice I added in the feature that located all the near by practices and listed them below for an ease of selection. If the users practice was not listed they would be able to manually input the information.


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