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Moving on from Mark 1

After my Mark 1 presentation I started to work towards producing more screen layouts using Axure. This was the start of my prototyping phase as Axure allowed me to work between screen and give a real feel of how the app would work. I created and focused on the profile screen but it very quickly became apparent that this was not what I wanted at all so I moved on swiftly to make fun and professional looking design which I have carried through to my near final stage.

Having a look at my first profile page it was very basic, simple, lacking interaction and also very boring to look at.

I was happy with the header menu bar in this design as I felt it occupied the correct amount of screen space whilst not being too compressed to ruin the individual design of each icon.

One design element which I kept very traditional to profile pages was my profile image. I didn't want to change this as I felt it was a very strong design element which had to be featured on this page, it allows the user to recognise familiarity to other apps preventing confusion or dislike within the page.

I had also left the W-A-L-K title behind as I felt the branding was not needed as users would still be familiar with the app they are using. To compensate this I still included the logo with the menu bar but I gave it a purpose so that it was not wasting valuable screen space. The only titles I included on pages were the page headings to ensure users that they are on the screen they wish to be on.

I also did not directly label the screen icons as I felt that the users would quickly become familiar with the screens after navigating through the app a couple of times. These interactions would become second nature to the user as they do when people are frequent users with certain apps.

When it came to the main features of the profile (Breed, age, etc.) it was very similar to filling out an online or paper form which is not a fun experience. I wanted to change this as the user would only be creating their profile once so making this process a bit longer and more detailed wouldn't be an issue. Making the user take more time and effort also made me realise that I would make this process a lot more fun in my later designs and also present the inputed information in a less traditional form.

There was a lack of a hierarchy of on screen elements, it was hard to determine what information was most prominent and of higher importance due to lack of layering, shadows, colour and depth. This made it hard for the eye to focus on certain elements of the screen and gave a negative experience.


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