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Road to Mark 1 Prototype

Working towards my MK1 prototype I am currently focusing on a few key elements that I want to explore and receive feedback on. I have been working on

sketches to work towards creating some graphics for my app which will be used when moving between screens and initially loading the app. I have three key features that I wish to have graphics for; Fun interactive dog walks, pet profile and advice and tips from animal care professionals. Each feature will have a graphic which will allow the user to determine what screen they are moving to and from.

I have also been producing sketches of possible app logos to try and express the features of the app before even entering, I have been exploring the theme of cartoon dog faces and paws for my graphics to reinforce the dog theme.

After producing many sketches I then worked towards finalising three designs from each topic heading to take forward and get some feedback on. I focused on carrying forward designs that were very similar, basic and vocal. I want the symbols to speak for themselves without any confusion from the user about what they represent. I highlighted some of my sketches above to give myself an idea of which designs I and a few others liked best.

The two main themes of the dog face and the paw are clear to see. I wanted to keep uniform design to create structure and to allow the app to have it's own very simple brand. The idea for the graphics is to also be fun as well as functional due to the app itself having a very fun dog walking feature to it.

Along with these graphic I am also starting work on low fidelity wireframes to explore different screen design possibilities and to decide which elements will and wont work before carrying anything too far forward which would create more work for myself. I am using the same process for my wireframes as I have with my graphics, I am producing very simple and quick sketches that I will then choose from and take a small number forward and produce on Sketch.

To go with my graphics and wireframes I am also starting work on style guides to give an early indication on typeface and colours that I may wish to use. This is definitely the most challenging of the MK1 process so far for myself. Research into current animal apps on the market along with dog branding and businesses are aiding with my work and also looking into general information on colour to try and give myself an idea on effects and meaning off different colours on a screen.


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