• Euan McKay

Sound and a mans best friend.

Last week I decided to take myself back onto the hills of Scotland to see if being in the environment I want to design for would allow me to be inspired and enlighten me a little.

In the past when I go walking I enjoy listening to an audio book to pass the time and to have another voice around me as I enjoy solo hiking but sometimes miss the presence of another being which is also why sometimes I will take my dog Barra. In this instance I didn't have my four legged friend with me but I did have my earphones. I decided to pop some music on and start walking, very quickly I became uncomfortable as I felt I was being taken away from the environment that I was exploring. I don't know if this was because I was listening to music rather than a book but I quickly decided to turn the music off and just let the environment in through my ears which I was very quickly rewarded with.

As it was early morning I instantly heard an almost dinosaur like roar coming from the hill which I quickly identified as a Stag with a heard of deer that I quickly spotted after initially being guided by my ears rather than my eyes. I then began to think to myself if i had possibly missed moments like this on previous walks as I always listen to a book. I then wondered what different things I might of experienced in the various locations that i've explored with my body and eyes but never my ears due to my earphones. It made me realise that I may not enjoy talking very much when i'm walking but I do love to listen, the sounds of animals or roaring water near by or of the elements carving their way round mountains, there is always something making it's way into your ears to really immerse yourself within the mountains of Scotland.

After looking at navigation within the outdoors I think I will take a bit of a tangent to explore the possibilities through sound and see what inspiration I come across. Hopefully I will be enlightened with and come up with some concepts relating to sound.


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