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Typeface problems.

Throughout my process I was having problems finding two fonts that worked well together and complimented the experience well, this is a design element that I have always struggled with as I am always too indecisive. I had to find two fonts that were not too serious but not too playful as I needed a good balance to give the impression of fun but not unprofessional.

In my first instance I had two fonts that were the polar opposite from one another, one was too serif and looked almost comical and the other was to sans serif and looked too serious for my experience and had to element of fun too it. As they were opposite from one another this did not help balance one another but instead made the opposing font worse, I continued to use them for content but I knew I had to change them as it had a negative impact on my design.

After speaking with my peers and presenting my work to others I altered my fonts to feature a more harmonising relationship. I started a fresh with two new fonts that looked much better together but they still didn't sit right within my app, I was still struggling to search for fonts as it was difficult to import any new fonts into Axure so I had to find some exciting ones within the app

. It wasn't until I was creating my project booklet that I stumbled across two fonts that worked well together in my document, I then transferred them into my app to see if they continued to work well and luckily they did.


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