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User Testing Digitally.

Due to Covid-19 I lost access to two of my users as i could not meet with them due to lockdown restrictions put in place by the government. Instead of my users testing my app physically I sent them images of my screens to receive feedback on the look of the app rather than how it worked. I also had frequent video calls to have discussions about any changes that they had suggested a it was easier than communicating through messages.

I received some valuable feedback from these two users.

User 1

This user commented on how they liked the incorporation of fun into large parts of the app. They expressed their liking of how they could edit their profile using less traditional methods which featured fun interactions and visuals. They also felt the statistics page also used these same elements to show their overall progress in a fun and visually pleasing way.

User 2

This user had relatively similar thoughts as the first, especially when commenting on the profile visuals as they were very fun and different. They mentioned that the icons were very easy to understand and did not cause confusion when using them to navigate through different features. One element they did become confused with was the walk filters as they did not realise they could select multiple boxes under the same heading.

This type of feedback and user testing was not what I had expected but I managed to continue to receive some very valuable responses during this difficult time in my process.


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