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User Testing Physically.

Luckily during Covid-19 I was able to move back home and still have access to Barra and his owner to test my app multiple times during my process. I was very lucky to still have this opportunity to I made sure I made the most of it.

I went on daily walks with my user, taking the app with us to trial different experiences or changes that I had made since the previous testing. This allowed me to receive some very valuable first hand feedback about the over all functionality and experience of my app.

User Comment 1

This user commented on how the screen would slightly move horizontally when they were interacting with the app. As my app did not feature any horizontal interactions it was hard to understand why this was happening, after looking into the issue it became apparent that this was a small issue within the Axure preview mode but was very slight so was not detrimental to the app’s functionality.

User Comment 2

This user enjoyed how the app transitioned from one screen to the next, they said it allowed them too easily navigate the app and not become lost within the various screens. This was positive to hear as i wanted the app to be as easy and efficient to use for every type of user and not just the technology confident.


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