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Before creating any refined screens I produced multiple wireframes of possible screens that I thought may be included within my app throughout the design process, these included the profile page, mapping page, progress tracker and an interactive screen. These wireframes were very basic but they were a good place to start with understanding screen space and feature placement.

Many of these designs were left in this part of the design process but I learned not just what I wanted to carry forward with my designs but also what I wanted to leave behind and this was just as important. It allowed me to move past elements such as where my menu bar would be places, how much space my branding and icons would occupy and that my information would not be displayed in a traditional manor.

Key findings from my wireframes

- I wanted to step away from a very structured layout

- My icons were too similar and would make it confusing to navigate

- I didn't want my app to be compared to a google map styled layout

- The feedback statistics should be represented in a fun and less conventional way

- The header and footer areas were taking up to much valuable screen space

- The walk screens led me in a valuable route looking into Augmented Reality

- The information that I wanted to carry throughout my app was already determined and didn't need to be changed


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